Rainbow Eucalyptus: One Among The Most Attractive Trees In The Planet

Eucalyptus deglupta which is well-known by its common name Rainbow Eucalyptus is a tree with a unique bark, sheds its bark in a unique manner. The meaning of its scientific name, ‘deglupta’ is ‘to peel off, husk or shell where it grows naturally’. Once the bark is shed off we’ll be able to see a greenish surface. However this isn’t a rare incident. With time, the lush greenish trunk turns into blue, purple, orange and maroon respectively.

Image Credit: Gerold Grotelueschen
Image Credit: Thomas

The tree gives a wonderful kaleidoscopic effect throughout the whole year as it does not shed the entire exterior of the bark.

The tree is also named as “Mindanao gum” and “rainbow gum” and is native to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia plus Philippines. This is the one and only variety which survives in the rainforest with a range of trees that extends into the northern hemisphere.

The rainbow eucalyptus is among the four other eucalyptus species which grow in Australia. The climate of Australia hasn’t suited the other 700 species of Eucalyptus.

A mature tree of this kind is between 100-150 feet in height and the trunk of a tree is about 6 to 8 feet in diameter.

Image Credit: Jeff Kubina

These species too produce evergreen leaves and white flowers, same as the other species. But the glands of them don’t secrete much fragrant oil.

Although these trees survive for a few periods, they consume a lot of water for their survival. Apart from all these, we’re able to reduce the threat of Malaria if we plant them in the draining swamps.

Image Credit: Bob B. Brown
Image Credit: Paxson Woelber

Rainbow Eucalyptus has got the ability to produce some kind of a compound which helps the growth of the other plants. This stands as a major advantage among the other properties of it. Perhaps you’ve understood that the plant has not only got its painting but also its benefits.

These trees have widespread roots that can cause damage to concrete buildings and roads. Thus, it’s quite difficult to plant. However, they’ll be an eye candy for everyone, right?

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