Unusual Video Of A Sea Angel Swimming Beneath The Ice Captured

According to me, the world under the sea has its own heavenly look. The underwater life is quite wonderful, extremely beautiful and fascinating. A deep look at the cold parts of the oceans around us also shows the strange life found in it. Eventually, we’ve found rare footage which proves that unique sea creatures are found to be living in the harshest parts of the sea.

This was the hope of so many marine biologists and the underwater photographer Alexander Semenov. Alexander was very interested in investigating something new inside the icy waters whenever he dived in the water. This is about what he noticed on a dive last February.

The Sea Angel

Have you heard of the sea creatures called the Sea Angels? Well, they are small sea slugs which are present in tropical as well as polar seas. They are given this name due to their wing-like appendages that are similar to the wings of an angel. Sea angels are tiny, gelatinous and transparent sea creatures. They have a bright glow inside them too. The biggest creatures among these species are found in polar seas. You’ll be able to see such a sea angel in Alexander’s video.

The scientific name of the sea angels are Clione limacina.  Alexander was able to capture a solitary angel beneath the ice. He stated in one of his posts that these sea angels would fill the area during the following March in order to mate, lay eggs and hunt.

Incredibly beautiful Sea angels (Clione limacina) almost disappeared from the sea. Yesterday I met one under the…

Posted by Alexander Semenov on Friday, June 21, 2019

Alexander Semenov

Alexander, the present head of the diver’s team at the Moscow State University’s White Sea Biological Station tries hard to dive deep in the sea to succeed in finding the invertebrates found undersea. Alexander was known to be a professional photographer for 10 years. By now, he has got specialized in natural environments and scientific macrophotography.

The scientists have to go through so many hardships when carrying out observations on the soft-bodied creatures that are attached to the seafloor or swimming under the sea in a laboratory environment. Thus Alexander is dedicated to observing these invertebrates along with his talents of diving and photo shooting. He does all these with the intention of inspiring others to study marine biology.

Posted by Alexander Semenov on Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Alexander Semenov has united with the BBC, National Geographic, Nature Magazine, Smithsonian and Science Magazine.

Alexander is engaged in working on a project titled Aquatilisthese days. This project includes finding, studying and photographing the most rare and unique creatures in our oceans. Alexander is engaged in creating films and content for television corporations as well as creating books by the combination of his underwater photography. He does all these along with the fellow members of the group. He’s also presenting lectures to the ones who are watching these. The well collaboration with schools, museums and small as well as large corporations have led him to achieve all these heights.

If you’re one interested in his projects as well as marine biology, don’t miss to check out all his images posted on Flickr. And also make sure to follow him on Instagram to get updated with his new adventures. Check out his projects on his website too.

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